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Welcome to Phase 1

Personalized product analysis

for every skincare product under the sun*

*we started with products that provide UV protection, but we'll be adding all the other product categories soon

The personalized analysis reflects how well each product fits YOU

How It Works

Products are collections of ingredients, so step one is understanding what’s in every product.

What ingredients are part of the mix? Active? Inactive? What role do they play?

Any star ingredients? What about potentially comedogenic or irritating ingredients? Drying? Ingredients that increase oiliness? And so on…

We look to scientific data for answers.

How much of an ingredient is used in a product? How does it impact the ingredient’s ability to be beneficial or not for your skin?

We take what the label says about concentrations and we deduce what it doesn’t, and use it in the product analysis.

Your skin, your lifestyle, your beliefs, likes & dislikes.

It’s not just about science, but also about what you know about yourself from experience or from your dermatologist.

How is all the scientific data relevant in your own context? For instance, if your skin is tolerant should you care as much about irritating ingredients?

Your personalized product analysis only employs data that’s relevant to you.

Not all ingredients flagged by science as relevant for your skin, will actually impact your skin.

Through your feedback, we learn what truly works for you and what doesn’t, to get you constantly improving results.

Already working on what comes next

Expansive product database, visual product recognition, image analysis and so much more. We think you’re going to like it.