Say no to the straw

Say no to the straw

Say hi to the old-fashioned mug

5 straws a week. In a good week! A couple of years ago, I realized that’s how many straws I used between grabbing iced teas at the coffee shop and going out for lunch or dinner. That basically meant 260 straws in a year, at a minimum. 2080 inches/ 5200 cm of tiny plastic tubes that I alone may have been responsible for putting out there every year. Sure, I recycle diligently, and I hope that at least some of them ended up being recycled rather than polluting the earth for years and years to come, but isn’t it crazy!?

I do everything I can to do my part and protect the environment, I LOVE animals, and yet I was mindlessly part of the problem. But do we really need to use straws with every soda can, every iced tea or water glass at the restaurant? When did drinking straight from the glass become so yesterday!? If you absolutely must have a straw and feel better using one for whatever reason, there are actually many options out there that allow you to do so, without feeling guilty for miles of straws that you may unintentionally leave behind you. Look up "reusable straws" and you'll see that you have plenty of choices: bamboo, silicone, stainless steel, you name it. Plus, they’re usually dishwashable, and even those that aren’t take only a couple of seconds to wash. They usually come in a package of 4 or more, so put one in every bag and you’ll always be ready.

Outside of the clear environmental argument, straws are a bad idea for your skin, too. Those lines around your mouth can show up prematurely thanks to your love for straws. There’s a very simple explanation behind it: when you drink from a straw, you purse your lips and like any repetitive muscle motion that causes your skin to fold in a certain way over and over in the same place, it will eventually become a permanent feature. If you’ve heard of smoker’s lines, which are those vertical lines that can show up around the lips, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Cause when you smoke you pretty much engage in the same repetitive motion as when you drink from a straw. And if you need more examples about repetitive muscle motions that cause wrinkles, frown in the mirror and see the number 11 show up between your eyebrows.

When you're dining out, don't forget to ask your server to hold the straws. I mean, what's up with those tiny straws in cocktails, anyway!? Pure decoration or en exercise to see how much you can purse those lips? So, as many times as you can entirely say no to the straw, do it for the environment and also do it for your skin.

As a side note, drinking from a bottle causes you to purse your lips in a somewhat similar way, so hello old-fashioned glass, hello ceramic mug, our love is here to say! <3





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Say no to the straw

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