Quanogen is all about YOU

Quanogen is all about YOU

Personalize your experience with any skincare product

The countdown to Quanogen's public launch has finally started and we are so excited! Sure, it may not be perfect yet, but rather than wait to perfect every little thing, we decided to continue to work at it with you. Because together we can make Quanogen what it's meant to be - the ultimate tool to decipher skincare for every user.

We've all been there. How do I choose from the thousands of skincare products out there? And why when I get a product with stellar user reviews, I end up many times with less than stellar results? Should I listen to the 5-star reviews or the 1-star reviews? Are these two products that sound so similar equals, although they're so far apart in pricing? Wouldn't it be cool if skincare products simply came with our names written on them? Or if we had our own personal dermatologist that would go shopping with us, chart in hand, and would point us to what we should get and what we should skip? But since there's not enough real estate on product packaging :), and most of us can't go shopping with their dermatologist, and mostly because it's 2019 and we have access to more info and technology than ever before, we found another way to do just that.

Think about Quanogen as a friend who knows you really well, who listens to you and learns from your experiences, and who happens to be a science buff that can't stop ingesting scientific info. A Sheldon of skincare (for TBBT fans), with really good social skills though. On one hand, Quanogen is focused on finding out what science has to say about each and every ingredient, new discovery or scientific breakthrough, and on the other hand it constantly learns more about you and how your skin and skincare needs are different. Put the two together and you get truly personalized skincare advice that is based on science and is facilitated by technology you already own. In other words, scan a product with your phone and see if your name should be written on it or not :D.

Quanogen doesn't separate skincare products in good or bad. Because in skincare, like in life, someone's trash may be someone else's treasure, and vice versa. We are all different and Quanogen acknowledges and celebrates our differences. So it will help you pick the good products for you, while avoiding the products that are not your match. It really is all about you and what your skin needs. And since no one is perfect, if it makes a mistake, it will learn from it. It will track your progress while you use the products you chose, help you assess your results, and use your input to improve. The more you use it, the better it will be able to serve you.

We decided to start with sun protection because it is very close to our hearts, which is why the first feature we're launching is QuanogenUV, our Suncare Powerpack, meant to help you find the best sunscreens for you, and provide you with the tools you need to become a true suncare ninja. Remember that Quanogen doesn't analyze products in a void, but within your own personal context. And don't be shocked if a certain sunscreen appears to be a “soulmate" for you, but not for your best friend. You may be super close, but you are also different ;)

And since Quanogen is a work in progress, we'd love to know what you think, what features would help you the most, and what you'd like to see change. Dream big and let's see if we can make those dreams become reality together. We are so much more than skin types and our skincare needs to reflect that. Let's change together how we shop for skincare, how we use it and evaluate it, and, why not, help our favorite brands improve their products to serve our needs better.

Welcome to the new meaning of personalized skincare! We're glad you decided to join us.

Your friends @ Quanogen


Quanogen is all about YOU

Personalize your experience with any skincare product

The countdown to Quanogen's public launch has finally started and we are so excited! Sure,...

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