What you need to know before you give up on your skincare products

Many of us have a bunch of half-used skincare products lying around. And most times, the reason behind it is that we become disenchanted with our skincare products because they don’t live up to our expectations. But since we’ve already paid for them and we usually buy them having high hopes, before you write them off as inefficient, make sure you did your part.


You ma...

Why we need winter sunscreens

When I saw a sunscreen from Nivea in Europe called Alpin UV, the main thought that crossed my mind was: GENIUS! Then, I immediately wondered why it took so long for a brand to come up with a sunscreen clearly meant for the winter season. And no, not because we need different sunscreens for the winter or for when we go skiing, but for the very important message it sends: you need to apply sunscreen...

Quanogen is all about YOU

Personalize your experience with any skincare product

The countdown to Quanogen's public launch has finally started and we are so excited! Sure, it may not be perfect yet, but rather than wait to perfect every little thing, we decided to continue to work at it with you. Because together we can make Quanogen what it's meant to be - the ultimate tool to decipher skincare for every user.

We've all been there. How do I choose from the...